About Us

Getting to Know Senior Living Help for Mom

My name is Charlotte Baker. I have a B.S. in math from The University of Richmond and worked as a Systems Engineer with IBM for ten years. After getting married and having my two children, Caroline and Christian, I chose to back burner my career and stay at home to take care of my family.

Our world was calm and predictable.

But life had a different plan for me. In 2010, my aunt, with whom I’d always had a very close relationship, became ill. A nine-month illness left her enfeebled and unable to effectively manage her life. Because she had no children of her own, I took on the role of caregiver, and for the next three years, a tidal wave of responsibilities flooded my life. It gave rise to endless decisions about health care, home care and assisted living. It stole time away from my husband and children.

Our world wasn’t calm and predictable anymore.

We finally made it through the storm with my aunt, finding her an Assisted Living community, where’s she’s comfortable and receiving the care she needs. But I emerged from the experience determined that no one else should have to go through this process alone.

That’s how the idea for Senior Living Help for Mom was born. Using the insight I gained from my own experience, and building upon it, I am helping other caregivers find the best care for their loved ones while keeping their own lives on an even keel.

Our world is calm and predictable again. Senior Living Help for Mom provides you with the guidance and support so you never lose control of yours.

Charlotte Baker, Owner and President of Senior Living Help for Mom